Full Service Provider

JONVER concentrates on creating powerful competitiveness for our customers worldwide through the idea of ‘Responsibility & Enterprise’ as well as continuous studying and innovation. With the rise and development of Green Energy, we focus on the key components’ integration of electrical vehicle and energy storage which help us to be able to provide our customers with a total solution. We will keep consolidating the cooperation with domestic and international research institutions and manufacturing sites. We are aimed at implementing the mission of environmental protection and social progress via excellent science and technology.

The services we offer to our customers include,

Your Manufacturer of Custom Cable Assembly and Connector

28 years' cable assembly manufacturing history

3 Manufacturing Sites in CHINA

IATF16949 Certification, automotive business experience (serve as Tier 1/Tier 2)

Experienced R&D team more than 20 years connector design and develop capability

Japanese Backgroud Quality Control

Customer- Oriented

Global sourcing capability

Vertical Intergration

Battery Components

First we start with the Cable Assembly and High Voltage Connector Manufacturing Service. Then some customers were also trying to find other suitable battery components in China. However, they don’t know the manufacturers, or can not trust product quality and payment safety, so they asked JONVER for help.

In late 2017, JONVER began to help our customers sourcing battery components. During this period, we found too many manufacturers on the market, totally confused to choose. The only way for us is selecting products proved by market and testing these products together with customers. After around 2 years’ selection, we confirmed 4 component manufacturers to work with. They guarantee your product quality, and we guarantee your payment safety.


JONVER also provide free samples for your testing, you just pay the DHL/FEDEX delivery cost by yourself.

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